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Drywall Repair

The walls and ceilings of most homes are covered with a gypsum board commonly called drywall, or sheetrock. Secured to framing materials with nails or screws, drywall can be finished with a variety of textures.

Drywall is susceptible to damage from a number of sources, the most common being water and foundation movement.

Broken pipes, a roof leak, or improperly sealed windows can permit water to penetrate the drywall, leading to stains and/ or crumbling material. An unstable foundation can create stress on drywall, leading to the formation of cracks.

The method for repairing drywall damage is determined by the nature and extent of the damage. Stains can simply be treated with an oil base primer/ sealer and repainted.

Cracks and other small repairs can generally be repaired by applying joint tape and joint compound over the affected area. Larger repairs are made by replacing a section of the drywall.

The seams between pieces of drywall are hidden by a process called taping and floating. This process involves embedding a piece of paper or fiberglass mesh joint tape in a thin layer of joint compound.

Several thin layers of joint compound are applied over the joint tape, and the surface is sanded smooth when the joint compound has dried. Extensive repairs, or uneven surfaces may require multiple, heavily applied layers of joint compound.

In such instances, the joint compound dries slowly. Such repairs may take several days to complete, though the actual labor may involve only a few hours.

Upon completion of the repair, the repaired area should be textured to match the surrounding surface. A variety of textures are used, and most are applied by spraying or with a paint roller.

The most common sprayed textures are accoustic and splatter. The most common roll on textures are sand and orange peel.

Matching the existing texture is both an art and a science, requiring patience and an eye for detail. Carefully matching the existing texture can make the repair indistinguishable.

After the texture has dried, the surface can be painted and the repair is complete.


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